noosh.studio is a creative small business based in Bern Switzerland handcrafting sculptural wax creations made with 100% natural European rapeseed wax.
Each noosh.studio candle is hand-poured and refined manually in our studio.

Rapeseed wax is an eco-friendly, non-toxic and vegan alternative to paraffin waxes commonly used in the industry. Not only are all noosh.studio candles consciously made, we as well care about how we package and dispatch our orders.

"I have always been obsessed with the mood candle lights create in any space, especially when combined with blooming flowers and beautiful interior. noosh.studio is a combination of those elements with my passion for creating brands and experiences."
- Shiela, founder and creative director of noosh.studio
noosh.studio is currently managed by Shiela herself. 
All candles are handpoured, packaged, photographed and distributed by her.
Inspired by nature, organic shapes and design, noosh.studio aims to light up spaces and settings in a conscious way.




 NZZ Bellevue


noosh.studio candles NZZ Bellevue