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The Flower Pot

The Flower Pot

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The perfect candle for the upcoming Easter season, Mothersday and all around spring season

  • 10cm x 5cm
  • ~190g
  • 100% natural rapeseed wax
  • unscented
  • vegan, eco-friendly, non-toxic

All of our candles are made to order. 
Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be dispatched + an additional 1-2 days for shipping.

NOTE: Never leave a burning candle unattended and do not leave burning candles near any flammable materials. Also always place our candles on a heat-resistant tray for safety and to catch drippings. Please read our "Candle Care" instructions before burning your candle. 


Each candle has been carefully crafted by hand in our studio in Bern, Switzerland with 100% natural European rapeseed wax. Due to the unique properties of rapeseed wax, our candles burn up to 4x longer than common waxes and additionally ensure a clean, sustainable burn.

The higher the quality of the wax, the more the candles experience drippings - natural waxes like our rapeseed wax are softer, more refined, and have a lower melting point which makes them more prone to dripping. 

Our designs are handcrafted in our studio with 100% natural wax. Please consider that color and appearance can vary slightly and smaller imperfections may occur.


100% European rapesed wax

cotton wick

Care information

Our candles are designed to be a decorative piece.
If you decide to burn them, we recommend the following instructions:

Because of the unique design and shape of our candles, they require extra care while burning. We recommend that you take a quick look at our safety instructions listed below:



Our packaging peanuts are made of 100% cornstarch - just dissolve the peanuts under water in your sink, it's 100% biodegradable.

All other packaging parts can be recycled as paper waste.


Candle Safety Instructions

Never leave a candle unattended.
Keep candles away from children and pets and flammable materials.
Always leave at least 5-10 cm distance between burning candles.
Only burn candles in well ventilated spaces.



Due to the unique designs and shapes, our candles may drip (more or less depending on the design/shape).
Ventilation an air flow can influence drippings as well.
Please always burn our candles on a heat resistant surface / tray.


The First Burn

Always trim the wick to <1cm before you light and re-light your candle, this will help for a calm and steady burn.
Our wicks may not be waxed - light your candle until the flame hits the candle wax to create a flame.

Let the candle burn for at least 1 hour - if you blow out your candle too early the wick may be too short for your next burn.
If this happened just carve a small pool around the wick until your wick stands out about 5mm-10mm.
Always stay near your burning candles when burning them.

Allow to cool completely before re-lighting.

the longer you store our candles the slower they will burn down just like beeswax.


The Aftercare

If not in use, do not place your candle in direct sunlight or warm heating sources to prevent the candle from deforming. 

With all candles made with rapeseed wax, frosting might happen over time (a slight crystallization on the surface and only noticable on darker colored candles). There's nothing wrong with the candle or it's quality to burn, it's what happens to all natural waxes when no additives are added. You can remove frosting by slightly rubbing your candle with a soft cloth which will also give your candles a pearly shine. You can also add a bit of vegeatble oil to your cloth to give it some extra shine. Additionally, natural wax may change its color slightly the older it gets.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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