about 2021


noosh.studio is a creative studio based in Bern Switzerland, crafting sculptural wax creations with 100% natural ingredients.
Each noosh.studio candle is handcrafted and inspired by timeless yet modern shapes to shine as the perfect centerpiece in your space.




For our candles we consciously decided to use 100% natural European canola wax. In contrary to Paraffin, which is made of petrolium, canola wax is eco-friendly, non-toxic and does not produce any soot (black dust on walls). 

Canola wax has a natural smooth and porcelain-like appearance which when polished, gets a pearly, shiny look.


We use 100% cotton wicks for our candle to ensure every burn is non-toxic and as eco-friendly as possible.



We try to minimize plastic in our packaging as much as we can. Occasionally we may recycle plastic wrappings from orders we've received to repurpose them.

Our candles are wrapped by hand with fine paper tissue and packaged in cardboard boxes which can be easily recycled.